We pride ourselves for being much more than accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisors, providing you with proactive financial advice. Here is our library of useful ebooks, financial insights and checklists to help you be more successful. We hope they help.

Tax Planning Guides

Tax Deductibles Checklist

Discover over 50 tax deductible items you may have failed to claim in the past. 

Minimise Business Tax Guide

Learn 14 ways how you can minimise your business tax this financial year.

Minimise Personal Tax Guide

Discover these tax minimisation strategies you can claim for your tax return. 


Entities Checklist

Checklist for the completion of your entities’ financial statements and tax returns.

Individual Checklist

Checklist for all the necessary information required for your personal tax return

SMSF Checklist

Checklist for the preparation of financial statements and tax returns for SMSFs

Financial Insights

Investment Market Updates

Overview on the financial market provided by Hillross Financial Services. Updated 10th June 2020.